Sunday, January 15, 2012


Greg / Clear, warm.... high 69
01/15/2012, Seminole, TX


Just who in the world are we?

Greg: retired military helicopter pilot, former residential general contractor, currently a HEMS (helicopter emergency medical service) pilot.

Dahleen: former military service member (10 years), retired real estate agent, wonderful wife and help-mate to Greg. :-)

Combined we have:

a daughter-Lindsay with husband Geoff, and our two grand-daughters, Reece and Addie;

a son-Angel and our grandson, Tristan.

I know, I know...we are too young to have grandkids :-) They are a delight to be around, and we wish we could spend more time with them. We hope that the future will include lots of time with family and friends as the visit us on the boat in the Caribbean.

We both love the ocean....sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, beachcombing, etc. We also enjoy reading; spending time with each other, friends, family; we are also interested in Bible study and teaching Bible studies, and we are looking for opportunities to combine our love of cruising and mission work while in the Caribbean.

We are currently traveling across the country in a motor home as I work as a float pilot, wherever needed by my company. Having done it now for 6 months, we are enjoying being together working, traveling, and saving for the boat.

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