BOTH: ….active; adventurous; hard-working; middle-class; late-middle age; enjoy riding motorcycles, scuba diving, sailing (duh), beaches, snorkeling, spearfishing, warm weather, traveling; married since October, 2000; have 2 grown children (a boy and a girl); have 3 grandchildren (a boy and two girls); are cruisers more than sailors (they hope to become better sailors), and they can't wait to begin the adventure of their lives.  The "KnotHeads" on Knot Tide Down.   Countdown to DECEMBER 2014 !!!!

A "few" years ago on INTO THE LIGHT 

GREG:  …….a planner; analytical; impatient by nature; hates to be late; mechanically inclined, but is not mechanically trained.  Loves God, family and country (though I am sick of our "government").  Learned to sail by reading as much as possible about it on the internet, and then started chartering in the BVI.  Had never set foot on a monohull sailboat before buying one.

Greg was born and raised in the land-locked southeastern U.S. and had never sailed until he was in his late forties.  

He basically had two careers….flying helicopters (military and civilian) and residential contractor.  After his retirement from the military (after 25 years) in 2001, he started a residential contracting company and became a licensed general contractor.  After a successful 6 years, he left that industry just BEFORE the real estate crash (thank you, Lord) and resumed his helicopter flying career in the civilian world. 

He has spent the last 2 years flying a UH-1H II Super Huey in Afghanistan for a branch of the Department of State.  It has been an "experience"…..  he hated being away from home, but did enjoy some of the missions and the people he got to work with.  Never say never, but his last helicopter flight ever may be in Afghanistan.

2013 in Afghanistan

DAHLEEN:  ……happy-go-lucky; goes with the flow; the eternal optimist; always late (someone's in trouble now); patient; kind; the left-brainer of the two; great cook; would love to be able to sing; she's bilingual; loves to travel; is still learning to sail; took a week of private sailing lessons on INTO THE LIGHT in Charleston.

Dahleen was born in NYC and lived there Puerto Rico, Oklahoma, and Tennessee throughout her life.  She only became interested in sailing only after meeting Greg and hearing him talk about how great it was.  Their honeymoon (in 2000) was a bareboat charter in the BVI and after that, she was hooked.

She has had several careers ranging from the military, the medical administration field, and real estate.  The last 10 years, or so, she has concentrated her efforts in real estate.

  Madrid, June 2013       



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  1. I have to say I really enjoyed your website. It is well laid out, very informative and very, very good to read. Like you we sold everything and began sailing the world about five years ago. I think it was about 5 years ago but when you are living this wonderful lifestyle time becomes a bit irrelevant. The only thing I couldn't find on the site was a way of e mailing you.
    Enjoy the life and live the dream.