Thursday, October 24, 2013


22 Oct 13
Malaga, Spain

Greg with the City of Malaga and the Mediterranean in the Background

Just an hour west of Almunecar is the city of Malaga.  It is considerably larger than and is the airport that we flew into on this trip.  One of the more interesting things to do while in Malaga is to ride the cable car from the center of the city to a 3000’ mountain top.  The cable car system in Benalmadena (Malaga, Spain) was opened in 2003 is one of the best ways to view the Costa del Sol. It takes you on a 15-minute journey to the highest point on the M├ílaga coast at an altitude of about 3000' above sea level. From this vantage point, you not only have the magnificent views of the Costa del Sol, and awesome panoramic vistas of the Sierra Nevada mountains, but on a really clear day you can see Gibraltar and the coast of Africa.  I have posted some additional pictures below.  

Yes, It's Almost Halloween

A View of the City (Malaga) 

We Love the Mediterranean Architecture

About Halfway Up the Mountain

Eastern Malaga with the Med Sea in the Background

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


1 Oct 2013
Kandahar, Afghanistan

Dahleen, Allen's Cay, March 2006

DAHLEEN - Wow, the last 13 years has flown by.  It seems like just a couple of years ago that we were in that little chapel in Chattanooga getting married.  I hope the years have been as rewarding and fun for you as they have been for me. 

I was so blessed to have found someone:

  • who can love me when I am not very loveable….(me not loveable?  it’s rare, but it does happen sometimes).
  • who has the patience to put up with my impatience.
  • enjoys living life to the fullest, as I do.
  • loves travel, adventure, and isn’t afraid to try something new….scuba diving, sailing, motorcycle riding, forsaking the land-based rat race for long-time sailing/cruising. etc.
  • is willing to sacrifice, with me, short term to reach our long term goals.
  • who is fun to be around.
  • who enjoys my company, as I do hers.
  • who is not only my wife and love of my life, but my best friend.

I miss you greatly, and will be glad to get this phase of our lives completed, so we can be together again.

I love you and Happy Anniversary,