Friday, May 3, 2013


3 May 2013
Kandahar, AFG

Our "unit" patch.  Desert Diablos of Department of State Airwing

The above photo is of our Desert Diablo patch.  Notice the caption underneath….”SURRENDER THE BOOTY”.  My question is, “Where is the ‘booty’ ?   In the few months I have been here, I have flow over a large portion of this country and have seen nothing that any civilized person would consider ‘booty’. 

This is one of the most barren, desolate, backward countries on the face of the earth.  The desert is pretty, if you like desert landscapes; and the mountains are pretty cool when they are covered with snow, but when the snow melts they become a barren hunk of rock and sand.  NO TREES at all, except in the mountains in a small section of the NE corner of the country.  Most of the ‘cities’ are barrio/ghetto-like.

I could say more about the culture and how messed up these people are, but this is not the place for that blog.  Sorry for the digression…..this is suppose to be a cruising/sailing blog, and even though we are not actually sailing right now, there are occasionally some things we do that do relate to cruising.   J

We are still excited about our future life; and excited to be boat shopping.  We are still about a year away from being really serious about purchasing our boat, but IF the perfect boat came along we might take the plunge.  At any rate, when the time comes, no one will know the market better and that should serve us well in getting the best boat/deal available at the time.

Till later….be careful out there; lots of idiots running around.

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