Friday, June 14, 2013


Almunecar, Spain

Looking south across the Med toward Africa

Wow.  This place is great.  I don’t think we have ever been anyplace where the weather was more perfect than it has been here.  The temps have been around the low 70’s for the lows and the low 90’s for the highs.  That would seem a little warm for the afternoon high temps except:  the ocean is cold, the breeze is constant, and the humidity in zero.  The humidity being so low is the great thing about being here.  There has hardly been a cloud in the sky…..we love it. 

The area is breath-taking….we love the mountainous views of the ocean from the highway that runs along the coast.  The architecture is very interesting and a perfect match to what I thought it would be like in this area.  Think the old movie Casa Blanca.

Seafood is plentiful and delicious, the fruits and vegetables are as good or better than what we find in the U.S., and, by and large, the groceries are cheaper.   We don’t care for the pizzas we have bought out, and the meats are probably more healthy than back home (with less fat content), but they are not nearly as flavorful as ours are.

We have spent a lot of time just walking around the town of Almunecar exploring the various shops and sites, and people watching.  We have had a blast.  There is a great, wide slate sidewalk on both sides of the road that our condo is on, right along the beach that is great for running and walking.  We have been wearing it out.  I have been doing my 4-6 mile run every other day, and Dahleen has been walking every day.  On the days I don’t run, I walk with her.

We are excited to have Lindsay, the daughter-unit, visit us for a week and she will probably need a vacation to get over her vacation by the time she gets back to the U.S. 

I have selected several photos, from the hundreds we have already taken, and posted them below.  If you want to see more, in a few weeks check on our Facebook page. 

 Happy, happy happy.  Sure beats Afghanistan.

 The Cross at El Penon del Santo (The Rock of Christ).  

Touring the Gardens. 

Castillo de San Miguel.captured by Christians from the Muslims in 1489.

 Dinner and flamenco dancing.  A great evening.

 A nice crib with a view of the Mediterranean Sea.

 The weather was perfect..low humidity and a nice warm breeze blowing constantly.  

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