Sunday, December 8, 2013


8 Dec 13
Kandahar, Afghanistan

I think those are reserved for Dahleen and me.

While looking ahead to the next chapter in our lives, I started thinking about how un-ordinary it is for folks to desert their lives on land and live full-time on a boat cruising about the tropics.  While there are more people doing it than you would imagine, it is still definitely the exception, rather than the "norm". 

As I thought about the future, I also reflected on my too is a little un-ordinary.  

  • ·      Army commission as a LT at age 25; 
  • ·      Army flight school at age 27.5; 
  • ·      Flew thousands of hours before retiring with 25 years service; 
  • ·      Started a second career as a general contractor;  (I enjoyed it a lot and was more successful than I should have been....timing is everything.);  
  • ·      Learned to scuba dive at age 46; 
  • ·      Bought a 42' sailboat at age 50 with VERY little sailing experience; 
  • ·      Took off across the Atlantic (Gulf Stream) to the Bahamas for 6 months after basically never having sailed out of Charleston Harbor before;
  • ·      Started missing flying after, basically, 9 years of not flying and became an EMS pilot flying one of the most fun aircraft in the world (Bell 407); 
  • ·      Bought 3 Harleys at age 53 having never ridden a motorcycle before;
  • ·      Bought a motorhome and traveled all over the country as a float plot flying EMS;
  • ·      Went to Afghanistan at age 56 flying a Huey gunship, working with some really "special" people;
  • ·      Just recently bought the next cruising boat, and now counting the days till we push away from the dock to....


P.S.  Almost all of the above un-ordinary events were shared with my wife, Dahleen, who is as adventurous as I am, if not more so.  



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