Sunday, February 16, 2014


16 Feb 2014
Kabul, Afghanistan

 Sunset on the Bahama Bank

 Crossing from Gun Cay to Nassau

Watching for the Green Flash

I wish the technological age had come about 10 years earlier than it did.  Maybe I would be more computer savvy.  I never have been a computer guru (although I am not completely computer illiterate) and the things I am forced to learn to publish a decent looking, informative, mildly entertaining blog are mind-numbing sometimes.  Things that would take a computer nerd minutes to do, take me hours.  HTML code, widgets, widget pixel size, search engine optimization, etc., are driving me crazy.

I have tried to share some things that we like along the side bar of the blog site…..our favorite blog sites, some favorite sailing books, a way to subscribe to our blog via your email, etc.  Even the link allowing you to comment on individual blog posts (at the bottom of each post) was messed up!  All of these have had a problem of some type due to my computer ignorance.  I have FINALLY gotten most of the bugs worked out and I THINK everything is working correctly.  You guys must test them to make sure.  So, that being said…..take some time to click on links and if you find one that is not working PLEASE let me know.    

The most difficult of the problems I had were providing the link to via the search box to the right and the links for those items that we like and recommend that can be bought through Amazon.  They, I believe, are also working now.  If you ever need anything from or through, please click on the search box on our blog and find it and purchase it.  If you do this from our page we will get a very small percentage of the purchase price (like 1% or 2%) and it costs you absolutely the same price as if you went straight to via you web browser.  So, if you enjoy the blog, use our link and pass the word along; it will help us a little as we build up the cruising kitty and maybe buy us dinghy fuel while cruising.   :-)  

P.S.  There are a couple of ads at the bottom of each post…if you click on those (no purchase necessary, just click) we get a few pennies for each click.

Thanks for reading!  


  1. Great blog really enjoy it and I am looking forward to reading about your adventures once you cast off the dock lines.

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