Saturday, February 22, 2014


22 Feb 2014
Kabul, Afghanistan

Jeff Foxworthy has nothing on us……

You might be a cruiser IF…

  • ·      You know that cruising is actually boat repair in exotic places.

  • ·      All your pots and pans have removable handles.

  • ·      Your wallet contains more boat cards that credit cards.

  • ·      You only clean your bottom every 4 to 6 weeks.

  • ·      You actually sand your bottom.

  • ·      You know what a boat card is.

  • ·      You watch newbies try to anchor for entertainment.

  • ·      Your entire shoe collection consists of a pair of flip flops, a pair of sneakers, and a pair of deck shoes.

  • ·      Your raincoat is called “foul weather gear” and you paid a ridiculously high price for it.

  • ·      You have a hard time keeping up with what day it is.

  • ·      You actually understand a weather forecast.

  • ·      You just move your home when you don’t like your neighbors.

  • ·      You sleep on a triangular shaped bed.

  • ·      NOAA Weather Service is your homepage.

  • ·      You know “bottom paint” is not related to face paint.

  • ·      You can tie a Bowline with your eyes closed.

  • ·      You know what a Bowline is.

  • ·      When you drive your car you turn to Port or Starboard.

  • ·      You carry your excreted poop around with you for extended periods of time.

  • ·      You actually plan to watch the sun set.

  • ·      You go to sleep (daily) before 2100 hours.

  • ·      You know what a Sundowner is.

  •   You actually know how to anchor your boat.

  •   You know that scope is something other than a monocular magnifying device attached to a rifle to acquire and shoot distant targets.

Fellow cruisers, chime in with a comment to add to this list……


  1. Great Blog....Entertaining, and well-written. I always enjoy reading the "getting ready to cruise" blogs. Looking forward to more posts as you make progress toward the dream.


  2. -Clothes have multiple levels between clean and dirty.
    -You can take a shower in under 1 gallon of water.
    -You know the power requirements of every appliance in your "home".
    -To make dinner you have to gather ingredients from under your couch, bed, closets.

    And I haven't even really left the dock yet. ;-)


    1. Some good ones, Mike. All very true. Hope things are going well for you as you prep the cat.