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20 Nov 12
Quakertown, PA

On of these days, if I ever do leave the area, I will come back up to York County, PA area just to eat.  There are so many excellent restaurants that we have found, and I am sure a lot we have yet to discover.  I mean lip-smacking-good places to eat.  One of my friends used to say of any particular dish that was tasty, “If I put it on top of my head my tongue would beat my brains out trying to get to it.”  (Thanks, Chuck Nabors).  Yes, food up here is that good. 

Things I love….. French onion soup with baked mozzarella cheese on top (Bubba’s); a great lobster bisque soup (McCool’s); HUGE, stuffed calzones (Faraco’s); a juicy hamburger (the local 5 Guys); a tender, juicy pork roast smothered in mushroom gravy (Spinnerstown Inn Restaurant); big, juicy hot wings with a great selection of spicy sauces (Wally’s); tasty shrimp fried rice, sweet sour thai spiced shimp, almond chicken (Best Food in Town ((chinese take out restaurant)) ).

I can’t wait till Dahleen gets here to take her to all these places to eat.  There are a few of them that I can’t remember their name right now….maybe I will think of them and edit later. 

A small sample of pictorial evidence of the goodness is posted below !!   J

The ham, pepperoni, onion, and 5 cheese calzone from Faraco's.

The Picture really doesn't show just how big this thing is.  

The BEST French onion soup I have ever eaten...from Bubba's Pot Bellied Stove Restaurant.

Bubba's Potbellied Stove
Faraco's Pizza
McCool's Pub at Red Lion Inn
Spinnerstown Inn Restaurant
Wally's Wicked Wings
Red Robin
5 Guys Burgers and Fries
Best Food in Town
(Chinese T/O in Trainers shopping center behind 5 GUYS)
Italian Restaurant in Greenville ? ? ?

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