Monday, November 12, 2012


12 Nov 12
Quakertown, PA

Sikorsky S-61N over rural Pennsylvania

I finished S-61 ground school over the past week + and am now waiting for the flight training.  It appears that will be quite some time.  We were told there was a flight training backlog here, but not exactly how much of a backlog.  Try 2 more months.  I am eager to get finished, so I can get gone, so I can get back.  (I know, poor grammar………. but effective)  Oh well, getting paid (well) to do absolutely nothing for 2 months isn’t the worst of things. 

We hang out, go to the movies a couple of times a week, drive around and see the sights.  And get paid.  I think I am going to have Dahleen come up and stay a week or two around Thanksgiving.   We will visit historic Philadelphia, maybe go to NYC, and just enjoy the area and each other. 

This area does remind me of the foothills and rolling terrain of East TN.  There are a lot of farms nearby and it is relatively rural here.  That seems a little strange since we are only about an hour from downtown Philly. 

Cranking up for a training flight.

N745AW inside the hanger being pre-flighted.

A little pre-flight instruction....

The S-61 makes the Blackhawk seem tiny.  

Shutting down after a flight.

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