Saturday, November 3, 2012


3 Nov 12
Quakertown,  PA

Trees Down Like This All Over PA

Hurricane Sandy came to visit us in Quakertown this week.  Overnight Sunday night and through Monday morning the winds built to the point that our power went off at the hotel. 
Everything was cool for the first few hours….the emergency lights came on (except for in the stairwells, which were pitch black, that we had to use since the elevators run on electricity), and we still had hot water.  Everything was cool Tuesday when we got up with still no power….we still had hot water.  No internet.  No TV.  No food.  But, we had hot water for a shower.  Still not too bad…..until Wednesday morning, when I got up again with no power, no internet, no TV, no food, and NO HOT WATER!!!!! 
We had been traveling for an hour and a half or so all the way up to Scranton on all previous days to eat and go to movies since we had NOTHING to do at our hotel.  But, when we lost the hot water on Wednesday morning it became serious.  Cold showers are not form me.  I hate being cold….its bad enough to be in PA in the wintertime, but to be without water for a shower just won’t work.  Friday morning, 4 full days after the power went off it finally came back on. 
I should not complain….the storm soaked PA and its suburbs Monday and Monday night causing widespread flooding and the winds caused substantial damage throughout the area. Most major interstates reopened Tuesday morning although many of the other highways and most side roads were closed due to trees being down everywhere.
The severity of the storm in Pennsylvania expressed itself during the day Monday through a set of increasingly worrisome numbers, from the thousands of people who fled their homes in the southeastern part of the state to the power outages affecting several million people by early Tuesday.  At least four deaths were attributed to the storm.
Other than the slight inconvenience of having to travel so far to eat, and not having hot water, the worst thing about Hurricane Sandy for us was making the mistake of going to the movie “Seven Psychopaths”.  This was, truthfully, the WORST movie I ever saw.  Worse than “Cast Away” with Tom Hanks.  Worse than “The Garbage Pail Kids Movie” in 1987.    The.  Worst.  Movie.  Ever. 
So, if you haven’t already wasted your money….DON’T GO.
Time to go take a hot shower. 
Be careful out there……there’s a lot of stupid people. 

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