Tuesday, November 12, 2013


12 Nov 2013
Kandahar, Afghanistan

Off to Explore-Exumas, 2006

Could it be?  After searching for 2+ years?  We may have found our next home (on water).  Only time will tell.  After several back and forth offers/counter-offers, we are getting closer….so close that we expect it to happen.  We must admit, the seller has been flexible and the broker has been great.  We have even felt that he was interested in making both the seller and the buyer happy.

We expect to hear from the broker within the next few hours and then it's forward from there.  The search for a surveyor has already begun and we think that we have found our guy.  After googling for a surveyor in the area the boat is located, we went to several different sailing forums to read their thoughts and comments.  One particular surveyor kept being mentioned as being VERY thorough, and was even described by one guy as “a seller’s 
nightmare”.  While we certainly don't have a desire to hire someone that will make the process difficult, it is important to us that we get someone who is thorough and unbiased.  The reason this is important to us is because the deal may be done before I (Greg) get a chance to actually see the boat.  I am scheduled to come back to the States on break in Feb, but the deal may be done by then.  That is another point of negotiation.

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