Thursday, November 21, 2013


21 Nov 13
Kandahar, Afghanistan

WOOOT!!!  It is done!!  

Though it kinda sucks being half a world away while the inspection on your next home (boat) is going on, it is done and was very successful.  The boat is in excellent (pristine) condition, with only very minor normal wear and tear issues. 

Dahleen was able to be present for the survey and this was the first time that either of us had seen the boat.  I had gotten very good information from the broker, who had nothing but glowing things to say about the boat and the previous owner (yeah, I know, what would you expect).  Terry had sold the boat to the PO when it was new and was intimately familiar with both the boat and the owner.  The PO is very meticulous and had maintained the boat continuously at a very high standard.  Terry has been very honest and fair in dealing with us, and I fully expected the boat to be just as he described it.  According to Dahleen, it was better, actually. 

The hull shines like new money; brand-new, never-installed set of $17k sails (yes, I saw the invoice); all new electronics’ teak was very well maintained; the interior was almost like a new boat; 3 batteries less than 2 years old; upholstery was virtually unused (this is both a blessing and a curse, as we don’t particularly like the texture or color of the fabric and had planned on having it all re-done.  Now I will hate to do that since it is in such good condition.)  It is a one-owner, fresh-water, lightly-used boat with almost everything we needed and wanted in a cruising yacht.  I already have the watermaker and generator ready to install (bought new for our previous boat). 

I have included some pictures of the exterior….the interior pictures didn’t turn out too well as the boat was covered and the pics were a little too dark.  I will post those at a later date.

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