Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Greg / partly cloudy....60/85
02/19/2012  Kemah,  TX

The Day Before We Leave South Carolina for the Bahamas

Due to a sudden change of plans, Dahleen and I found ourselves with a couple of extra days before having to report to Ft. Stockton to work.  So.....we decided to take the southern route all along I-10 and stop for a day or so in Kemah, TX.  Kemah is a sailing community SE of Houston and we wanted to visit the marinas and look at some boats.....we wanted to get our sailboat fix satisfied (temporarily).  It brought back great memories of the time that we spent in Charleston Harbor at the City Marina and it gave us a chance to see if there were and sailboats for sale that might fit our needs/wants.  We really didn't have any luck finding anything there for sale (we were looking for B-473 and B-423), but we did enjoy our time there walking the docks and looking at all the boats.  The only negative about Kemah that I noticed in the short time we were there was that I was obviously much loved by the local mosquito population.  I don't know what it is, but they love my fresh, white meat.  Dahleen will never be bothered by the flying syringes, but they stick me like a pin cushion.  Same thing with the 'no see ums' in right by her and attack me.  I guess I am just so much sweeter than she is they can't resist.  Anyway, I will have multiple itchy reminders of our visit to Kemah for a least a week or so.             

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