Saturday, February 11, 2012


Greg / Clear, chilly....28/68
02/11/2012, Tyler, TX

Mike and Lynn in the Exumas - 2006                                                           

As we plod along trying to get things ready to sell, rent, or otherwise dispose of, we find it difficult to do so while traveling 22 days a month.  When we do get home, we have a multitude of things to take care of, like: grouting the backsplash that Dahleen laid around the cabinets in the kitchen, installing the storm-door going out on the deck, replacing boards/re-making the deck, motorhome maintenance, motorcycle maintenance and vehicle maintenance.  It is a good thing that we have decided to rent out the house....if we could only get rid of our stuff and 'git ur done'. 

I have begun consolidating our pictures from 3 cameras, multiple CDs, 3 computers, and 2 phones.....what a job!  Pictures from multiple BVI sailing/scuba trips, Honduras mission trip, Katrina relief mission trip, Charleston sailing trips, ICW sailing trips, our time in Coconut Grove (Miami), Bahama sailing trip, all our family pictures, Bama football pictures, multiple motor home trips, get the 'picture' (pun intended).

The first step is to get them consolidated into event specific folders, and then, in most cases, grouped again by date or location.  It is a slow process made worse by the desire to browse throught them and reminisce. 

We saw pictures of our good friends, Mike and Lynn Brown (sv Wombat of Sydney) who have been cruising for about 8 or 9 years.  When we met them in the Bahamas, they were planning a circunavigation.  About a year later they left and have most recently been in South Africa on their way back to the U.S. after 5 years in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.  We called them and talked to them for a little while a couple of days ago....we can't wait until they get back to South Carolina and we can go visit them.  We had a blast with them in the Bahamas...Mike was a helicopter pilot (in Vietnam, 2tours) and also joined the SC National Guard when the returned, so we have a lot in common.  Lynn is a former school teacher who is the sweetest southern girl with that awesome South Carolina drawl.

Memories of times like those are what motivate us to get our things together, save our money, buy a boat and get back to cruising.  It would be great to get back out there and cruise with Mike and Lynn before they retire to land again. 

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